Sprekers bij Vaksectie/Intercultural Coaching Community of the Netherlands (NOBCO-ICC): "Intercultural Sensitivity in the Coaching Practice"

Vaksectie/Intercultural Coaching Community of the Netherlands (NOBCO-ICC): "Intercultural Sensitivity in the Coaching Practice"

Over de sprekers

  1. Griffith (Kelly)

    Griffith (Kelly)

    Kelly Griffith www.helloezra.com Chief Coaching Officer at Ezra Coaching, an online platform that delivers executive-level coaching to people at every level of an organization, and a subsidiary of The Adecco Group. Kelly has held leadership and executive-level positions in sales and customer operations at global Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, and The Adecco Group. She’s focused throughout her career on creating solutions to help individuals find meaningful work and to help organizations shape the future of work. At Ezra, Kelly leads a global community of more than 1,500 professional coaches. She is an active member of the ICF and EMCC’s coalitions shaping professional standards and ethics in the digital coaching and AI space. As an ICF accredited coach training school, Ezra is passionate about the future of coaching and how technology can enhance the profession.
  2. Kuiper (Rixt)

    Kuiper (Rixt)

    Rixt Kuiper, MA. Executive coach and leadership consultant, with over 20 years of international experience. She specializes in working with senior teams on transformational journeys. Rixt is the initiator and chair of the EMCC Intercultural Coaching Community (EMCC ICC)..
  3. Lavin (Mick)

    Lavin (Mick)

    Mick Lavin Mick is a Speaker, Author, Executive and Intercultural Coach, Agile Coach, and Mentor with more than 30 years’ experience in the world of technology. He has lived and worked in several European countries, the Middle East, Asia, and worked with the US. Mick specialises in People and Leadership development in multicultural business environments, helping organisations move to a more responsive and people centric mindset. Throughout the past 3 decades, he has developed and coached teams across global locations, improving motivation, performance, communications, agility, and productivity. He Possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills enabling him to work successfully across geographic and organisational boundaries. Mick is passionate about new technology, learning & development, agile business transformation, and unlocking the potential within individuals and organisations. As a researcher, Mick has explored Intercultural Coaching & Sensitivity; the definition of Mentoring; DE&I in Coaching & Mentoring; and more recently, the use of AI in Coaching Research.
  4. Njeru, E. (Elizabeth)

    Njeru, E. (Elizabeth)

    Learning and development professional and a HR business partner. Accredited EMCC-NOBCO coach, and a certified trainer and consultant. Elizabeth is originally from Embu, Kenya, currently living in the Netherlands, which has been her home since the summer of 2000. It is from here that she runs her coaching, consulting and support practice for expats, internationals, professionals with a migration background and Global South professionals working in a Western context, a group which she calls: professionals ‘who are from elsewhere,’ or who are seen as such. And for intercultural organizations and teams. In her work, Elizabeth focusses on intercultural and diversity competence development in organizations, intercultural and inclusive communication, and on the personal and professional intercultural competence development of professionals working in intercultural contexts. She is the co-founder and chair of the Intercultural Coaching Community of the Netherlands (NOBCO ICC) for the Dutch Association for Professional Coaches (NOBCO).


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